Leon Tran here from (HowToWebmaster.com and MyDomainDeals.com)

Thank you for checking out my domain and website appraisal services. I’ve been buying and selling domains/websites since 2005. I’ve done $10 deals up to $120,000 deals.

This is a general domain/website appraisal service for $20. If it’s a bigger property or online business, I may need to charge more for the appraisal. But $20 is good for most appraisals. I will let you know the price before doing the actual appraisal.

What does my appraisal services consist of?
I will personally look at the domain/website and research its history including: backlinks, traffic, earning stats, social media networks, among other criteria. I will let you know of any red flags or suspicions, and give my personal appraisal of the domain/website.

This $20 appraisal can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Scenario 1: You spent $1500 on a website at Flippa claiming to make $500/month. Turns out the traffic was all paid and now you got a website that makes nothing.

Scenario 2: I appraised a website at $10,000 with a good potential to increase its value within 6 months. You were able to grab it for $8000 and the site increases its value soon after and you sold for $15,000.

These are just example scenarios but highlights the importance of an appraisal service.

What details I need from you to get started with my appraisal services?

  1. The domain or website name
  2. A link to the auction listing if applicable
  3. Any details regarding traffic, earnings, and processes of the business.
  4. Any other details you want me to be aware of

I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours, and then will provide you with the payment link before beginning the appraisal. Again, most appraisal price is $20. Thank you